Hi everyone, since hurting my wrist in August cutting my pieces for my quilts was way too hard and too much of a challenge.  My wrist could not take it.  I tried the ergonomic cutters with some success but still could only cut for short periods of time.  Then I looked over at my Accuquilt Go Big and said ‘what a dummy’.  Previously I had purchased the go big mostly for the applique piece cutting.  Now I realized I could use it for all the cutting.  I made sure I had the basic dies and started going to town.  I even bought the BOB or block on board.  Several as a matter of fact. So easy and no trouble at all.  My wrist thanked me.  I was so happy I asked to be an affiliate.  Cool.  Now you can go to my website and click on their banner and go right to their site and get in on the great sales and rewards available.  I am a one stop quilting shop for sure now.  Check out Accuquilt for the seasons sales.  Combine that with my sales and you will be well stocked with fabrics and easy ways to cut your time and quilt more.