Thank you everyone for you comments, I really appreciate it knowing you are out there.

Wow I had a fantastic time at the retreat Last Friday. I had so much fun and had to pay so much attention to the class I was in that I forgot to take pictures. Here are a few pics of the project I am working on from that class. Kim McAllister was the instructor […]

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Working on a Medallion on the Facebook/ 4everQuilting Shop the VIP Sale Live Show.

We all had a great time putting together the 4 12 x 12 inch Snail’s Trail Blocks.  This is the center of our Mystery Block of the Month as we move forward.  Thursday night we will assemble the 4 blocks together and talk about what we need to do to be ready for the next […]

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Village Square Pics, Done before the next retreat yes!!!!

Wow was really worried I would go into another retreat class without finishing everything from last year.  I think I have made this a personal rule.  Taking another annual retreat class is out of the question when there is something from that same retreat unfinished form the year before.  So here we are done, Yesss! […]

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The begining of the year is a new start for each of us.

Let’s have some fun and start a block of the month.  Please join me on my Facebook/ 4everquilting Shop the VIP Sale Live.  I started the first block and we are making a four block medallion.  At the very least you can get a giggle out of my early morning issues of space and direction […]

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Accuquilt My newest best friend in the studio!

Hi everyone, since hurting my wrist in August cutting my pieces for my quilts was way too hard and too much of a challenge.  My wrist could not take it.  I tried the ergonomic cutters with some success but still could only cut for short periods of time.  Then I looked over at my Accuquilt […]

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4everQuilting Shop the VIP Sale Live on Facebook.

Wow have I been super busy. Once each week there is a live show on my Facebook page. Everyone seems to be having lots of fun and find shopping so very easy. The quilts have been coming in steadily and the website store is hopping. Make sure you take some time to visit my store […]

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Shopping at Superior Threads in St George Utah.

It is as much fun to shop at a warehouse full of thread as it is a warehouse full of fabric.  I love color. The brighter and bolder the better. Superior Threads is a feast for the eyes.  It is also open to the public so make sure you stop in for a dose […]

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Lickity Split.

Shopping is fun but you simply must eat. We stopped at a cute restaurant in downtown New Holland which is where Eric was born and raised. The minute he walked in he saw people he knew and family too. How fun was that. There was fun and whimsical decor in there that I had to […]

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Family Farm Fabrics.

i loved this shop. If forced to pick a favorite this would be at the top of list. So friendly and helpful. There was an awesome selection of panels there. I must admit I got a tad carried away in there. I think my favorite panel is the fall scene where it looks like a […]

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Fun place. It was a real farmhouse with them living there and a shop for the quilts. The boys were working in the big barn with the cows. The gals were watching the shop. I enjoyed talking to the ladies very much. They allowed me to take a pictures no problem. Once again it was […]

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