In Shock This Morning.

Wow, I am in shock, amazed and so very excited. My quilt Ethereals Sampler, Dancing in the Moonlight has made it into the final judging for the 2016 Hoffman Challenge. Well let’s see what happens now. Off it goes today.  Wish me luck and prayers are welcome.  

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Baby Mickey Improv Bag Completed


One happy customer took possession of her Baby Mickey Improve Bag.  Totally custom one of a kind bag.  My very favorite thing to do.

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A Baby Mickey Improv Bag

Ok this is going to be fun. My friend has commissioned me to make a Baby Mickey Improv Bag. Here are the latest baby Mickey fabrics and it is already in progress. This is one of those fun projects that you do not have to ask me twice to do.

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Starting the 4th of July Weekend with a bang.

That bang I heard was a finished project that had been lurking around since January.  I have been so absorbed in the Hoffman Challenge that everything else hit the back burner. Now I choose the Improv Bag designed by Sandra Workman to finish and it was so easy to come together I am going to […]

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Ethereal’s Sampler, Dancing in the moonlight is now complete.

I managed to maintain my sanity but barely.  Here is the completed project which I created myself. I learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator, Art and Stitch and transferring patterns to my quilter.  I look forward to creating more insane things in the future.  It really was a lot of fun. I even got over […]

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Caught a deal in Las Vegas on Thursday.

I went to Las Vegas on Thursday to see my brother who had come in from Missouri for a few days. He was staying with my sister there so it was a mini family reunion. He was not at all interested in the casinos so we went to the antique mall on the south end […]

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Longarm Quilting Sale for June11th through July 11th 2016 is on.

If you spent the winter piecing your amazing quilts, you want to get them quilted professionally.   I can take care of that for you.  I am running a Longarm Quilting sale from the 11th of June 2016 to the 11th of July 2016.  The edge to edge all over stiple pattern will be .0189 […]

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Sneak Peek

Here is a quick peek at a challenge quilt I am working on.  Have a lot to do but was really excited to use Adobe Illustrator, Art and Stitch, and import into the quilting machine. It is fun to see your ideas take shape and stitch out before your eyes.

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Program hoping in the Studio Today.

How to get a custom quilt pattern into the Handiquilter Pro Stitcher.

Step 1. Draw a custom shape or picture on plain paper.

Step 2. Scan it into the computer and save to desktop.

Step 3. Import the scan into Adobe Illustrator and embed it on the artboard.

Step 4. Save it as an SVG file.

Step 5. Import the […]

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Iron County Fair Quilt Challenge

There is nothing quite like a quilt challenge to get your creative gears turning.  Don’t be shy.  Give yourself a chance and just jump in.  Most challenges limit you on size and have a fabric pre selected that is required to be used in the quilt to get you going.  Some even theme the challenge.  An […]

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