Fun place. It was a real farmhouse with them living there and a shop for the quilts. The boys were working in the big barn with the cows. The gals were watching the shop. I enjoyed talking to the ladies very much. They allowed me to take a pictures no problem. Once again it was […]

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After a super lunch of chicken corn fritters, I waddled my way to Zook’s Fabric Store. There was bolt after bolt of fabric in there and quillows. Who has done quillows before? I noticed a lot more of the 108 inch extra wide fabric on the bolt than we carry in Cedar. I* was sidetracked […]

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Number 3! Nancy’s Corner

There were so many quilt shops on The Old Phillidelphia Hwy that I think it should be called Quilters Row. The picture that looks like folded fat quarters. Yeah no it is quilts for sale all folded and neatly stacked on shelves against a wall. Floor to ceiling. Still all hand done.


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Second stop!

Wow I was hard pressed to find anything done on a long arm, computerized or not. Everything was hand done. Amazing quilts and amazing small craft projects. I love those small Amish dolls. So cute. The Old Country Store was super charming.


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The Log Cabin Quilt Shop

This shop was so much fun to visit. The gals were really wonderful. The had no problem with me taking pictures for the blog. I bought a few things in this shop. One of them may even be the surprise drawing item for Friday night.
Their website is www.lcquilts.com.

If I lived here […]

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Just received my participation pin, thread and fabric for the Hoffman Challenge.

So much fun

I even ordered next year’s fabric already and am running designs through my mind already.

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Whats New in the Studio

Had a great time quilting a clients t-shirt quilt.  I felt like I was sharing some of their life’s experiences.  I am now totally inspired to do my own t-shirt quilt from the days when I lived in Alaska.  Here are a few pics so you can share too.


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Iron County Fair

This Labor Day is done and it was a lot of fun.  I went and enjoyed the exhibits and the 28 pound cabbage was my favorite.  Reminded me of the Alaska State Fair.  Here are some pictures of the quilts that were big winners and some that were just too  pretty to pass up


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A New Way to Pay For Your Quilting

Announcing: EZPay
Beginning September 1, 2016 4everQuilting will allow you to pay in installments for your quilting. Most of us have 3, 4 or more quilt tops ready to quilt but the cost can be a little over budget especially during the holidays when you really want to get things done. This is not a layaway […]

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New Links on my website so you can shop my store along with other popular craft and quilting sites.

Hi all.  Just wanted to let you know that I can now be a one stop shop for you. Go to my website and if I do not have what you need you can use the handy links I have on my home page for places like Fons and Porter, Beadroom, Keepsake Needleart and also […]

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